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Urban green-blue grids for sustainable and resilient cities

In addition, adjective forms of most traditional color names are inflected to match the corresponding noun's case and gender. This bridges the gaps between science and practice and between technology and de. Mrka "dusky" can refer either to dark gray, dark brown, or even black.

However, the more traditional usage is still heard today in the Welsh for grass glaswellt or gwelltglasand in fossilized expressions such as blhe las gray maretir glas green landpapur llwyd brown paper and even red for brown in siwgwr coch brown sugar. Shades are defined with a prefix e. For blu reason, in addition to listing the measures, attention is paid to defining successful vision development and implementation processes for these intersectoral measures.

In Modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic the word for "blue" is gorm whence the name Cairngorm mountains derives — a borrowing of the now obsolete Early Welsh word gwrm, meaning "dark blue" or "dusky". The boundary between colors varies much more than the "focal point": e. The greater the proportion of green areas, the stronger the buffering capacity: clusters of trees and shrubbery buffer more than lawns alone.

Amazigh[ edit ] The word for blue in the Amazigh language is azerwal.

Greenblue | helping people use wisely, eliminate toxicity & recover more

Due to climate change, increasing urbanisation and the depletion of fossil fuels, cities will need to undergo a more or less gradual transition from being primarily consumers of food toward producing their own. One can also make the distinction between "verde-claro" and "verde-escuro", meaning light and dark-green respectively, and more distinctions between several qualities of green: for instance, "verde- oliva " means olive-green and "verde- esmeralda " means emerald-green.

The color is ificant to the Mexicas because in the Aztec religion. We have only just started to identify and support these possibilities: the integral nature of and synergy between the possible measures and effects has barely been studied.

Sustainable materials management

Irish language color wheelwith notes on their usage In Old and Middle Irishlike in Welsh, glas was a blanket term for colors ranging from green to blue to various shades of gray e. The large leaf area means that more water evaporates in wooded parks and presents a greater cooling effect than do grassy areas. However, many yet untapped opportunities can be found with a detailed approach to these urban issues — solutions which can be very effective when applied conscientiously.

To meet the challenges of the future we will need to develop ways in which the various sectors can work together and formalise and institutionalise these forms of collaboration. There is a task here for deers and other parties involved in area development. Sometimes a word sinja adj.

Introduction to green-blue urban grids | urban green-blue grids

In recent years there has been growing interest in more sustainable architecture and urban planning. The word gwyrdd a borrowing from Latin viridis is the standard translation for "green". In addition, liath covers a Greem from light blue to light gray.

French also uses " azur " Gredn the lighter shade of blue of the sunny sky, that was in turn loaned to English as "azure". In human culture[ edit ] In some languagesblue and green are considered a single color. Another factor is that green areas and surface water play a very important role in determining the appeal of a town or city and as such influence economic value. Having more green areas substantially improves the sponge effect of towns and cities.


Material Value Recovering more value out of the materials economy is synergistically related to the principle of using materials wisely, because outputs from one part of an industrial system should be used as inputs to some other part of the system, so de issues impacting sourcing and end of life considerations start to become aligned. Also, Blue-green is known as Maya blue in pre-Columbian cultures. In the Polish languageblue niebieski from niebo — sky and green zielony are treated as separate colors.

PROCESS The fourth objective of this website is to provide the necessary knowledge and de principles for green-blue urban grids to area developers, managers and deers so that these measures can already be considered in the initiation phase and at the beginning of the de phase.

One attractive and efficient way to guide this necessary transformation is by developing green-blue urban grids which will mitigate the effects of climate change and the energy and food shortages in urban areas. This section does not cite any sources. Similarly, English language descriptions of rainbows have often distinguished between blue or turquoise [6] and indigo[7] the latter of which is often described as dark bule or ultramarine.

More distinctions can be made between several hues of blue.

Water challenge

Our challenge is to keep our cities and our planet liveable, safe, healthy and attractive throughout this century. I have provided the personal information above in order to receive TGB newsletter The legal basis for processing that information shall be consent. Green-blue urban development provides biomass for energy production and presents opportunities for food production within towns and cities. KNOWLEDGE One of the goals of this website is to make the recently developed scientific and practical knowledge in the field of climate adaptation and mitigation, heat stress, urban biodiversity, urban vlue, air quality improvement and decentralised sustainable energy production accessible and applicable for the professionals working in urban development.

Blue-green - wiktionary

Your personal information will be stored in accordance with the RYA privacy policy Grden may be shared with British Marine who will use and store such information in accordance with their own British Marine privacy policy. Transient hues between blue and green are mostly described as zeleno modra or modro zelena, sometimes as turkizna turquoise.

An important task for architects and urban planners is therefore to find attractive ways to integrate these measures in our cities and to assume directive roles in their implementation. This scientific knowledge is translated into practicable measures and their effects offering explanations of how they affect the various challenges, cost indications and spatial implications. This color has special symbolic ificance in both Judaism and Jewish culture. Celtic[ edit ] The Welsh word glas is usually translated as "blue"; however, it can also refer, variously, to the color of the sea, of grass, or of silver cf.

Religion In the iconography of the Virgin of Guadalupeshe is often depicted as wearing a blue-green colored robe. Turquoise is usually described as tirkizna, and similarly, azure will use a loan word azurna. The terms for "blue", on the other hand, vary: Catalan blauOccitan blauFrench bleu and Italian blu come from a Germanic root, whereas the Spanish and Portuguese azul is likely to come from Arabic.

Romanian clearly distinguishes between the colors green verde and blue albastru.