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Perhaps not particularly Icelandic, as it is done in other Nordic countries, this quirk is something most foreigners will notice and mention when they come to the country. When researching this article, I discovered people of different nationalities often have completely different concepts of what makes Icelanders unusual.

The inhabitants of Iceland, like of any other country, have some distinctive, quirky traits that others around the world may find peculiar, but add to the charm of the people. Traditionally, Icelanders value their travels and the knowledge gleaned from the outside world. Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by The Blanz Jen list, therefore, will delve into some lesser-known, as well as some more recent, Icelandic oddities. Don't get offended if an Icelander doesn't know your last name or calls you by your first name even Ieland they do know it; we're just not used to anything else.

Dating rules men need to know before visiting iceland

The leaflet has information on the status of women and men in the community. There are also a few types of brown, cheese, mushroom, coca-cola, bearnaise, paprika and tomato sauces. This marked the first time that a father and son played in the same international match. As for sauces on ice-cream, mej list goes on further: chocolate, luxury chocolate, caramel, liquorice, and one for every fruit.

Population of iceland , by gender

Women and men on the same education level have different average income from work It covers information on population, media, education, labour market, wages and income and positions of influence presented in figures and Icelan. Icelanders Are Passionate About Sauce Photo from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, by Bryan Legdard Icelanders coat all of their food in sauce, especially gravy, bearnaise sauce, various dipping sauces and condiments.

He particularly used to draw attention at Gay Pridewhen he would always wear full drag. Icelanders have a specific sauces for pizza, pita, fries, chips, vegetables, hamburgers, hot-dogs, and various different ones for fish, meat and poultry.

The 10 weirdest things about icelanders

The leaflet is published both in Icelandic and English. Iceland ranks high in the measure of economic, political, social stability and equality levels. Iceland's Viking Clap first received wider international attention during the Euro This means that a member of a family will have a different last name to both of their parents, and their siblings of a different gender. The men here are hard-working, independent, friendly, educated, and are often speakers of fluent English.

• iceland: population male female | statista

Women also do not change their name when they get married because they obviously don't become the 'son' of their husband's father. Of course, in recent years, matronymic names have also become a thing. Most of the time, when you read about strange things in Iceland, you'll notice that Iecland mainly regard how many Icelanders still believe in elvesIcdland they have thirteen terrifying trolls instead of one jolly Santa, and how they still eat disgusting food.

In addition, we put two types of onion with hotdogs, raw and crunchy.

Icelandic men - single men from iceland

These men make great partners and women in Iceland generally enjoy a more friendly and positive domestic relationship with them than in other countries around the world. Note: Annual wages and other work related income of those who have some income from work. It has the most generous public welfare system on the globe and it is definitely one of the best places for creating a family. Its terrain is mostly a plateau interspersed with high mountain peaks, ice fields, and a coast deeply indented by bays and fiords.

Find a Reykjavik by Food Walking Tour here 5. There is no need to act surprised if you hear it; it is just a way of the tongue, not an offended gasp. Basically, there is a unique sauce for everything.

Russian and American Dating Styles Icelandic Men Iceland is generally considered to be one of the most tolerant, safe, laid-back, and happy societies in the world. For a traditional Icelandic hotdog or pylsur, simply answer 'everything' when asked about garnish. Iceland qualified for the World Cuptheir first ever appearance in the world championship, securing qualification on 9 October after a 2—0 win against Kosovo.


The end of this darkest chapter in Iceland's history is celebrated annually; on the Icelannd day of the third month, it seems everyone is hitting the town for a few pints of liquid gold. Icelanders Banned Beer Photo by Roman Gerasymenko For a country where the Icwland really do seem to love their alcohol, it's a surprise even to younger residents that beer was banned in the whole country up until the 1st of March Icelanders are Naked and Unafraid Are the Icelandic people strange?

At the tournament finals, Iceland recorded 1—1 draws in their first two group stage matches against Portugal and Hungary.

Iceland national football team

InIceland applied to take part in qualification for the World Cupbut the application was rejected. More and more Icelanders have a last name that tells who their mother is, rather than their father.

One out of two women aged years had tertiary education compared with one out of three men at the same age in It depends, of course, where you are from as to how weird you'll find some things on this list. This top ten, however, should serve to show the traits that make them odd the world over.

Women and men in iceland - statistics iceland

For people who have never spoken this way, it is surprisingly challenging, although that is hardly unusual for a facet of the Icelandic language. While calling everyone by their first name lacks in formality, it does help foster a dialogue with a less stuffy hierarchy.

What are the oddest things about them? The national language is Icelandic and the Church of Iceland, a Lutheran body, is the predominant religion here.